Today is Weight Loss Wednesday! 

I’m sorta having withdrawals from chocolate… it ain’t easyLast time I talked to you all about this, I admitted to stop buying chocolate at the grocery store.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t had chocolate since then.  If I go out for frozen yogurt or there’s some kind of chocolate at work, I may have a bite.   I’ve also substituted the HEB “Marathon Bread” that I was buying for Pepperidge Farm whole grain bread.  The “Marathon Bread” was loaded with fat, enriched wheat flour, and hello calories!  I would buy 2 loaves of this every week and eat it all by myself.  I probably ate so much of it because: 1. it was carbs and MS loves the carbs … and 2. it was not 100% whole grain so it didn’t fill me up.

I’m not sure if  I’ve lost any lbs on the scale, but I feel lighter, less bloated, and more energized since knicking the bad bread and chocolate.

Photo taken 2/16/11

View my previous weight loss photo taken.

More Jessica Simpson Recent Candids

I wrote about Jessica Simpson’s obvious alleged weight gain in this post.  Her husband-to-be is a vegan & work-out freak, but she’s comfortable and in love.  So what!  She looks cute and fine the way she is.  A little frumpy, but that’s not anything a little better fitting clothes and some Spanx can’t fix!

Miranda Lambert Update

I saw Miranda Lambert perform and win a Grammy this past Sunday.  Holey skinny jeans!  She looked so beautiful and healthyer. 

Here’s what she said recently about that weight loss:

“I’ve gone through a lot of weight issues and spent my 20s going up and down. I called my trainer a month before the CMA Awards and said, ‘I’m ready to make this a lifestyle and not crash diet.’ Every time an event was coming up I was trying to figure out how to lose 10 pounds in two days.

I’ve always been a size eight-ish. Now I’m down to a six, which is fine with me – when you’re onstage, you don’t want to be thinking about what’s jiggling.

I’m trying to learn to cook healthy things. But I like hamburger and meatloaf and mac-and-cheese, stuff I can’t have if I want to fit in my jeans.”

Miranda Before:

Grammys 2010

Miranda After:

Grammys 2011

“I keep trying to lose weight, but it keeps finding me!!” – Anonymous.  Ha ha ha have a great happy Wednesday!


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