Vegan? Not me!

I can’t be vegan.  I can’t afford it.  I love cheese pizza and pumpkin rolls.  Vegans are weird.  Vegetarian is enough saving the planet for me.  And I recycle too. I don’t want to be that person who sticks out in the family because I can’t eat what they’re eating.

Those were all of my excuses up until now as to why I wouldn’t go vegan.

I’ve known for a long time that I would eventually go vegan, when I had money to afford expensive food substitutes for calcium, vitamin D, iron, and B vitamins, and other vitamins/minerals that replace the goods that animal products give us.  After research and educating myself, I’ve learned that it’s not so expensive to be vegan.  It’s actually cheaper.  In fact, leafy greens offer calcium, iron, and B vitamins!  And for the amount of money it costs to get 3 days worth of greek yogurt ($6.50), I could buy broccoli for half that much.

I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kind of person.  

But I’m so excited to say VEGANISM is my 2012 goal!  I’ve done my research on this, and will be seeing my physician at the beginning of the year to make sure this is the right move for my health.  Many days, I don’t eat any animal products and I do just fine.  It’s the days when I do eat a cheese pizza or cookies that I feel absolutely crummy inside and out.  This is every bit a physical fitness goal as it is an ethical and righteous one.

Because animals are people too!  Ha ha!  

Me & The Polar Bear at the Bellagio are really good friends.

Why am I going vegan?

– I want to be healthier.

– I want to know that I am not contributing to the cruel and unethical punishment of animals.

– To make my body more energy efficient.

– Because I think it will help me reach my PR!

– I’m lactose intolerant.

– Because I wouldn’t eat my dog, so I’m not eating any other animals or their food products.  Unless I get stranded on a desert island with Ryan Gosling.  Then, I’m definitely eating that animal.

Are you interested in a vegan diet? Vegetarian?  OR do you have another goal in mind in 2012?


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