I love Carrie Underwood.  Her music, her down to earth personality, and the fact that she is a vegan.  Not to mention, she’s A RUNNER!  She’s my ultimate celebrity friend in my head.

I’ve talked about Carrie Underwood’s leg workouts before.  She’s not one of those celebs who special train for an event.  She’s made a lifestyle out of it.  She eats clean, trains mean, and is lean.  Her trainer revealed her fitness secrets, which are quite simple…

When she’s touring, she gets stuff at the local fresh store rather than eat stuff off the bus.  She tones with balance boards and resistance bands, and at least three times a week, she hits the gym for circuit training with weights ranging from 5 to 30 pounds. That, along with outdoor runs to vary the workouts keeps her pretty much in tip-top shape.

Her new album comes out on May 1st.  I’ve bought all of her music, so I can’t wait for this one.  Yay!


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