Somewhere in between fall and winter, I got carried away with love and life and work and family that I forgot to come back to my blog to make record of all the great things that happened!

In no particular order:

1. I TURNED 25 YEARS OLD!  It was my absolute best birthday yet!  I took the day off from work (PETA gives us birthday holidays – so cool, right?) and I went for a 5 mile hike/run through the most beautiful trails in Virginia Beach all by myself.

photo 1

Can I just say that the fall season on the East coast is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 2

photo 3

Later that day, Luke and I went to see the Hunger Games Catching Fire movie on my birthday, which was premiere night!


My spicy birthday suit.


2. I FELL IN LOVE!  I knew I loved Luke for a long time (there was this “knowing” when we first met, and then a few weeks/months later when we became inseparable friends).  It has been really a quirky situation of being roommates and friends, and then more than friends and not wanting to tell anyone until we were certain of what we were even doing.  We just did this whole relationship thing all backwards.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  He’s the ying to my yang, and I’m so happy!!!!!!!!

Luke and I at a Virginia Beach, VA PETA protest :)

3.  I’M GOING TO THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT NEXT YEAR!  I blame it on my baby sister, Audra, but really I am the instigator of all things One Direction.  I called my mom one day and said “Mom, all tickets are SOLD OUT in D.C. but there are some available in San Antonio, can we please go??!!!”  She immediately bought the tickets and the rest is yet to be history!   Please tell me I’m not the only adult woman who loves this cheesy boy band?  Someone…. anyone?

4. I TOOK UP YOGA AND P90X!  It has been SO cold every single day since early November.  There has been no relief, and I’m pretty sure my bones have icicles in them.  Coming from a place where it may start out 40 degrees and end up 80 degrees by the end of day, I am grossly unprepared for Northeast winters.  Thanks mostly to Luke who drags me out of bed to do them, P90X has helped keep me in shape.  I still run 3-7 miles two or three times a week.  I also have been going to Yoga classes at my gym, and it has become my second favorite exercise.  I love seeing my body adapt and become stronger and more flexible!  My goal is to be able to do a handstand and some of those other crazy twisted poses.


5. I HAVE A NEW SENSE OF AWARENESS.  This year, everything changed.  I moved to Virginia Beach, VA.  I started my awesome cool job at PETA.  And I met the sweetest most loving person you’ll ever know.  For the first time in my life, I feel free to be me.  I have forgiven myself for people I have hurt and loving friendships and relationships I have let go.  I no longer live in a prison in my mind which contributes vastly to my state of happiness.  I have learned what matters in life are my conversations with my mom, my little sister looking to me for a positive example, my nephew knowing I will always be here for him, and the support and unconditional love of my older sister.  Above all else, I am centered in my relationship with God, and I can always find refuge in His presence. For all these reasons and more, this has been the best year of my life.

Cheers to 2014 being abundant with blessings, hope, love and smiles! 


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