I remember telling friends and family years ago my dream was to have an internship at PETA and to wear one of PETA’s famous lettuce lady bikinis!


Never did I dream that I would get a full-time job here, much less be asked to be a lettuce lady.

I was asked a week ago if I would be willing to wear the bikini and hand out free veggie burgers.  Of course I jumped on it, and began training twice daily!  Luke and I wake up and do P90X in the morning, and then I’ve been going to the gym and doing HIIT workouts on the treadmill for 20 minutes followed by strength training.  On top of that, I’ve done my best to be 100% raw vegan every day.


It has been tough to go through these workouts when all I wanna do is stay in the warm bed and eat mashed potatoes.  But the motivation comes from the animals.  I literally scream it out loud on the treadmill “FOR THE ANIMALS!

One little bitty last piece of info… It will be between 10-25 degrees F tomorrow and will feel like sub zero temperatures with the wind chill.  WHOLEY LETTUCE LEAVES.  :) 


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