I remember being in college and seeing pictures on PETA’s Twitter account of the Lettuce Ladies, and I thought “I’m going to do that someday.”  Never did I dream this would actually come true.  

I was feeling very nauseous during the first week of January, but I attributed it to all of the working out and nervousness I had in preparation for the Lettuce Bikini demonstration for PETA in sub-freezing 16 degree Fahrenheit weather.  Obviously, a little something else was going on!

Set up in Downtown Norfolk, the demo went sooooooooo well.


We gave away free veggie burgers to passerby’s, talked to people about the benefits of being vegan, and posed for pictures with people eager to tell their Facebook friends how crazy vegans are.  

Luke even came down to support and give me sips of hot tea and warm hugs when I needed it.

Someone actually told me he was going vegan, which made my day!  It was such a fun, cool experience that I will live to tell my grandkids about… because I was actually SIX WEEKS PREGNANT on that day and didn’t know it.

How We Found Out!

We have told our families and now I feel like I can share with the world that Luke and I are going to be parents!


We came home that night and took a pregnancy test… it was positive!  So we took a few more …


We were overjoyed and in love with everything about life.  We’re still floating on cloud nine imagining all the love that will surround this new bundle of joy and how he/she will do wonderful things in the world and make us so proud.  Lots has happened in preparation for the baby, and I’m so excited to share it on my blog in the coming weeks and months.  I’m looking forward to advice from moms, dads – both runners and/or vegans!


This new year could not have started any better.  Two of my dreams came true – I was a PETA Lettuce Lady and I found out I’m going to be a mom!!! :) :) :) We’re gonna have a little vegan runner baby, y’all!


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