I cannot believe we are already 19 weeks pregnant!  

19 weeks

I have been really absent from my blog because I’ve been so TIRED, but I plan on blogging much more!  Everything changed the day I found out there was a little human inside of my belly and I feel like I’m still adjusting to that!  Every day I wake up, I am amazed and filled with joy at this little bundle.  I thought I was living, and maybe I was.  But now everything makes sense, or it’s starting to.  I see God’s hands on everything, from the flowers behind me in the picture to the animals on the street to my precious nephew who is like my own first born.  I’ve become kinder, more empathetic, and definitely more gentle on my body.

Not being able to fit into my regular clothes was really hard for me (I gained 11 pounds by my 16 week appointment), because I haven’t weighed this much or been this round in years.  But once I got some really cute maternity clothes around week 16, I felt more beautiful and began to definitely embrace the journey my body is taking me on.  Then came the hurdle of not being able to run as long or as fast as I once did. My Type A personality was shut down, and I began to really enjoy the 11 minute/mile pace for 2-3 miles only twice a week.  My love for the run really grew as the world slowed down at this pace, and I smelled the clean air and felt very blessed that my baby could run with me before he/she was even born!  I’m feeling more energetic than I was during my first trimester, and most days I either run, walk, or do yoga for 30 minutes.

We find out the gender on Friday, and then we are having a gender reveal party with close friends and family on Saturday!  Luke and I are genuinely not putting our vegan eggs in either of the gender baskets.  We will be so thrilled with a healthy boy or girl!

I can’t wait to do more posts about what I’ve been eating, maternity workout gear, how I get through the work day, and all kinds of baby stuff.  Lots of love,


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