I have really been at the will of my baby and limited to what my body feels like doing in the last few months.  Some days I feel so energetic and ready to work out.  And other days, I sleep during my lunch break or take a nap when I get home.  I always thought that I would continue being this bountiful, fit mom when I got pregnant, and able to continue running, lifting, yoga, participate in protests, etc.  Thankfully I’m still able to do those things, just not as often or as long!


I found out the baby’s gender and then right afterwards, went to a Ringling Brothers protest!


22 weeks pregnant!

This was my first really sweaty workout in about a month!



I haven’t had the typical outrageous cravings we hear of!  I don’t really eat sweets (maybe once or twice a week I’ll have a small piece of chocolate), which is crazy because I LOVED sweets when I wasn’t pregnant.  I’ve loved vegan sushi (sweet potato rolls), miso soup, popcorn with no butter, jalapeno kettle chips, juicy citrus fruits, kale, Amy’s Organics roasted mushroom/artichoke pizza, and vegan tempeh bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwiches.  And I’ve developed aversions to garbanzo beans and bananas which I loved so much before pregnancy.



I am finding I cannot eat as much as I’m used to in one sitting, and that really helps me cut down on eating a lot of vegan junk food.  Once I get stuffed from a handful of popcorn or chips and can’t eat anymore for an hour or two, the craving has already passed and my mind has moved on!  Not to mention I want baby to be happy and healthy and eating the best of the best food!


Right now, I am active 3-5 days of the week – running, doing yoga, mowing the lawn, or going to the gym.  Now that I’m feeling more energized than ever in my pregnancy, I am making a set schedule for myself so that I have something to stick to.  I may not be perfect at it, but at least it gives me some sort of regimen and reason to go to sleep early and get out of bed in the morning!

Monday – 30-45 mins of prenatal yoga DVD

Tuesday – 30 mins morning walk or run + 30 mins walk during lunch break

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – 20-30 mins elliptical at the gym + 10 mins of lifting weights

Friday – 30 mins morning walk or run or 30-45 mins of yoga

Saturday – 1 hour of hiking/running/walking at the state park trails

Sunday – garden and/or mow the lawn

The baby’s gender!

And last but not least, we found out a couple of weeks ago what we are having!


The next day we had a gender reveal party at our house and invited family and friends.


I had never cooked for that many people, so it was a little disastrous in the beginning!  But we all had a great time and the best part was the cupcakes made by My Vegan Sweet Tooth!



She put either pink or blue icing in the middle and everyone was able to bite into the cupcake and find out at the same time.  So cute!



We’re having a little girl!!!!


Luke and I could not be more thrilled about our sweet girl.  She’s all we can think and talk about and sing about.  The next thing on our list of to-do’s is searching for a doula and attending childbirth education classes!  I’m looking for a doula who either understands what it’s like to be a pregnant runner or a pregnant vegan (both, ideally).  Fingers crossed!



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