Last night, we started our childbirth education classes and it made me think about running marathons.  It has been a while since I’ve ran a marathon (almost two years to be exact!), but I still remember that feeling of being at the starting line!  I trained for months for this race, and I expect there is going to be pain, soreness, aches, stress and possibly scars on my body.  But knowing the struggles ahead, still running is worth it to me.  I stand there excited and ready.  “Bring it,” I think to the road ahead.  I surrender to the road and let it take me where I need to go.


We are 31 weeks pregnant today!

But in my childbirth education class last night (and in my third trimester class at the birthing center recently), I grew nauseous and had to step out of the room after long talks about pain.  The instructor talked to us about what to expect regarding pain, and it was just too much for me.  I had to tell myself, “Snap out of it!  You act like you’ve never ran 26.2 miles with a bad knee, hurt Achilles tendon and chafed boobs.”  

This is different though.  When I run races, I have trained and ran hundreds of miles.  I know what to expect, sort of.  When it comes to pushing a love nugget out of my body, I have no clue what to expect.  It’s not that I’m scared of pain, actually.  It’s that I’m afraid of the unknown.

I have been told that all I can do is prepare my mind, body and spirit and train it for birth. And so, I have been doing 30 minutes+ daily of prenatal yoga, walking briskly, gardening, climbing stairs, stretching, eating leafy green vegetables (kale, broccoli, romaine/green leaf/red leaf lettuce, and spinach) at every meal, and drinking red raspberry leaf tea.  Spiritually, I pray and talk to baby all the time.  Of course, my weakness is in preparing my mind.

I find peace in knowing that women have given birth naturally since the beginning of time.  It’s an instinctual, primal gift and blessing.  Le sigh :)


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