Today was my first day of the Spring 2011 semester, and a fabulous start it was.  I had animal physiology (zoology), evolution, a seminar on sialic acid research (Say What???), and did time at my on campus j-o-b.   It was such a productive day and I’m glad to sorta be back to a routine.  The day started at 6AM and let me tell ya.  It was sure hard to get going, but I’m really blessed to have passionate biology professors and friends who are definitely smarter than I am :)

I’m home and changed into my running gear after a long day.  Going non-stop for 12 hours really makes the couch look as hot as Brad Pitt on the red carpet at the 2011 Golden Globes.

Focus Brittny, focus!!!

So I’m drinking up some liquid courage that we runners are all too familiar with… Caffeine!  I get my liquid courage in the form of hot green tea.  Mmm

What’s your favorite form of the liquid courage before a run?

People ask me why I do marathons. I tell them its for the tshirt. Its my subtle way of saying I do something most people simply cannot do.


On the run: 11.5 miles in 1:45 (the run that dragged on and on and on)

Earlier today, I told you all I’ve been in a running rut.  The motivation has been next to none brought on by the lack of routine and drab weather.  Pleh.  And the one solution I know to this tragic problem is to fall in love with running again.  One must have an unbelievable run forcing oneself to believe in the run all over again.  As we all know, sometimes the body has what it takes to perform and sometimes you just gotta fake it till you make it!  During today’s run around downtown and fancy neighborhoods, I had moments of both.  But I feel so proud of my 18.5 miles in 2 days. 

You might be a runner if… you have one thing in common with deer.  You both have a fear of getting hit by a car while running at night.


Me and running…

have stumbled upon a bumpy road in our relationship, as I’ve experienced once upon a knee injury last summer.  We are in a rut – I only ran 3 times last week (usually I do 25-40 miles over 4-5 days).  I haven’t been Keeping Up with my mileage and I’ve had to drag my behind to the gym every time I ran this week because of gloomy freezing rain.  It stinks, it really stinks… worse than my hamper!  But now that the rain has cleared and the sun is shining, I’m still struggling to find the drive to run.

The great thing I can tell you…

(and tell myself!) about running ruts is that they 100% don’t last.  Hang in there!!! All you need is a run that will make you come alive and make you believe again.  You need to feel magnificent like your run-self, whether you run a short fast distance or go long and hard.  Don’t plan it.  Don’t overthink it.  Force yourself out the door with some GU energy gels and a water bottle and run.  Let the road take you where it will.  Let your mind lose control and your running heart guide the way. 

I haven’t had a “long run” in over a week.  *Gasp* I need one in preparation for my next full in 2 weeks.  How far do you think I’ll go? I’ll tell you when I get back tonight!

Passion is pushing myself when there is no one else around, just me & the road.



I was sipping my morning cup-o-hot green tea while celeb stalking (don’t act like you don’t know my usual Active Saturday drill!).  I came across this foto of Reese Witherspoon.  My boyfriend and I went to see her new movie “How Do You Know” a few weeks ago and for all the sporty gals/guys, hopeless romantics, and Reese fans out there, I recommend it!  She’s so excellent.

(Foto credit here.)

Anywho, the picture!  Yesss… the picture!  Reese runs a lot.  I’ve counted 3 times that she’s been photographed this week running.  She appears to enjoy running in these New Balance shoes.  But that’s not the best part!  The part that made me almost spit my hot green tea onto my laptop screen – she’s wearing the GARMIN FORERUNNER 405 sports watch!  It’s the one that I use, but the black version.  She obviously isn’t one of those Hollywood celebs who runs just for paparazzi love.  And for that, she gains major Marathon Sweetheart points.

Go Miss Arkansas!

I know you’re thinking Reese is cute an all, but what does she have to do with Miss America?  Well, she doesn’t.  My friend Alyse Eady is Miss Arkansas and will be competing in the pageant at 8 PM tonight.  Please tune in to ABC and support her… she’s gorgeous both inside and out.  Her platform is the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and she’s a ventriloquist for the talent portion.  So cool!  Here are some old photos (Summer 2008 I believe) of us.

Me & Alyse (having dinner on a balcony overlooking  beautiful Germany)

Me, Stacey (he and I were in Orlando this summer), Alyse, and Demetrice

Us having lunch at a German restuarant… I had some Mac N Cheese that I’ll never forget! YUM!

The cold rain has been going all day here in Texas!  I’m going to the gym real quick for some kind of activity before the pageant.  My long run is rescheduled for tomorrow.  Have a great night!


What new songs are you working out and singing along to I admit I’m always singing while I’m running.  I must to have songs that keep me having a blast and distract me from the pain in my feet or knees. 

I first heard this song while watching the Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show.  I love all of Akon’s songs, but this is definitely my favorite by him… and my favorite workout song of the moment.  I hope you run extra hard to it too!  It’s calledAngel” by Akon.  Watch it below or click on the song’s title to watch it on youtube!

You might be a runner if… you know that treadmills that tell you how many calories you have burned, lie! :)


Here on Marathon Sweetheart, I enjoy dishing about the celebs… from what they are wearing to their diet and exercise regimens.  It’s always motivating to see a famous star doing life the healthy way and not doing all of these fad diets.  I hope you find motivation to go out and get ‘er done in your own fitness/weightloss/healthy routine today and this weekend!

The Gym Rats

With the epic cold front sweeping across the nation, 49 out of 50 states currently have snow!  My workout routine has been affected and it seems like the celebs have too.  They are ditching their hiking and outdoor runs and instead, hitting the gym to burn the calories.

Nicole Ritchie & Khloe Kardashian are workout buddies.

Khloe recently died her hair fiery red.  What do you think of her new look?

Lindsay Lohan (I’m so happy to see her taking care of herself!)

Marcia Cross

Kim Kardashian wears her Sketchers Shape Ups to the gym.

The Runners 

Jake Gyllenhall (Hottie alert!)

Renee Zelwegger

The Weight Loss Divas

This post would not be complete without mentioning two headlining ladies who are so humble and healthy!  Jennifer has lost weight through Weight Watchers and Raven credits portion control.

Jennifer Hudson, went from a size 16 to a size 4 NOW! WOW!

Raven Symone first debuted her weight loss at the People’s Choice Awards last week.  She was then pictured at another event this week in a yellow dress.  She looks amazing!

(Fotos from here, there, here, and there.)

M.S. Tip: Before you start any program, write your goals and what you need to accomplish and post them on your refrigerator or mirror to keep them constantly alive. Identify any potential roadblocks that will stop you from reaching those goals and set up realistic strategies to overcome them. Set an attainable deadline and concentrate on the end result and not the process. Tune out negative people that poison your motivation and stay around people that support you all the way. Last but not least, keep track of your progress and reward yourself for each step that you reach! (via Angie Lee)


Hey guys!  Have you all registered for your races in 2011?  If you like to save money and are an avid runner, you probably have your races scheduled and paid for since last summer.  Me?  Psh.  I’m a procrastinator college student with plenty of money to go round.  NOT! ha ha ha.

Addictions are costly.

I registered for my 3 races this spring.  I’m waiting for an email from a race director to let me know which method of registration will be cheapest.  But for all intense purposes, count me in for Waco Miracle Match Full Marathon, Galveston Mardi Gras Half Marathon, College Station Armadillo Dash Half Marathon.  If you would like to register for the Waco Marathon, use the coupon  code: backyardrace for $10 off.  Also, if you are doing any of the Rock ‘N Roll marathons in 2011, use the coupon code: ACTROYAL for $10 off. 

Last year, I ran the Waco Half Marathon in 2:20. With more hills than a camels back, it was the hardest course I’ve ever run, period.

Any takers???

I’m thinking about auctioning off my right kidney, selling blood and/or my soul, or maybe ditching my Orbit Gum addiction to cover my marathon addiction. This running hobby is expensive, yo!  But I guess NOT running is probably more expensive, if ya know what I mean 

I would love to run a race outside of my home state in Fall 2011/Spring 2012.  What is your favorite marathon race to run (outside of the state of Texas)???


Are you one to make New Year’s Resolutions?  I think the start of a new year brings clarity and change for many.  A resolution is great, but it usually doesn’t last.  That’s why I form goals for myself, so that I can give them longevity and stick with them. 

What I did in 2010

My goals last year were to complete a full marathon and try to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  If I lost weight, that would be the icing on top!  Welp, I lost 10 pounds, ran that full marathon, and picked up speed and endurance.  I ran a total of 1,500 miles – aka the distance from my apartment to the Jersey Shore.  Take that Snooki!  But unfortunately, I did not qualify for Boston.  Can’t win em all, yeah?  I’m very proud of my progress and it’s had me thinking about my fitness and running goals for 2011.

It’s never too late in life for a marathon

I registered for this half-marathon in College Station yesterday. 

Ha ha I was discretely trying to take the picture!

This 60+ age man told me he will be debuting as a half marathoner in March after losing 60 pounds!  I was so impressed by his courage, because so many people at EVERY age get stuck in their ways and don’t believe change is possible.  This man, even at an older age, is an exception!  He saw my Brooks running green bag and asked about my running.  I told him how I myself have lost over 70 pounds by running.  Then he told me, Honey, you don’t look like you weigh more than 70 pounds right now...” It pretty much made my day, my week, my year!  Ha ha ha.  In effort to not get stuck in the motions of just running races to run them, I started thinking about my goals for 2011…

Bikini Brittny

SAY WHAT???  Well, I have never wore a bikini in my life.  As selfish of a goal as it may seem, I want to know what it feels like to be a young woman and wear a two piece bathing suit!!!  It’s so much more than just a swimsuit for me, it’s about finishing what I’ve started and losing the last 15 pounds.  Of course, being fit and healthy is the ultimate goal of my life.  But having little selfish goals like wearing a bathing suit, fitting into those skinny jeans, looking great for your class reunion, being able to shop at a store that you never could, etc.  These goals give us a very concrete motivation when “being healthy” just isn’t enough to get us off the couch sometimes.  I look forward to finding and sharing craaaaaaazy and amazing sources of motivation with you all in the new year.  Lord knows I’m gonna need it, BAD!

8:23 per mile.  Repeat 26 times!

As if the bikini goal wasn’t enough, I’m pushing to qualify for Boston this year!  Yes, I’m certifiably insane.  I am able to run 3 miles at Boston Marathon qualifying speed (8:23/mile).  I tell people all the time if you can run 2 miles, you can run a marathon.  So I’m telling myself IF I CAN RUN 2 MILES AT BQ PACE, I CAN RUN 26.2 MILES AT BQ PACE!  Thousands of people do it every year.  I can do it.  I will do it.

Many of you (friends, strangers, tweeters, facebookers, etc.) have asked me about weight loss tips, my current weight, and how many sizes I have lost.  I know it helps people relate and feel like they can accomplish this beast when they see someone else was around their size.  I’m so glad to be in a place where I can help you.  I will finally be sharing this info with you all in the next few weeks so stay tuned! 

Foto after watching the BCS Championship Game this week!

For now, I keep thinking about that saying: just when the catapillar thought life was over, it became a butterfly.


My nanny and my ma are always calling me, worrying about my running and healthy nuttyness.  Their latest worry is my nighttime running!  With my busy schedule, sometimes I only have room to run during the weeeeeeeeeeeee hours of the night.  I tell them “No one wants me when I smell and look the way I do after 10 miles.”  But still, they continue to think that someone will snatch me and steal my new Brooks shoes kidnap me! 

The “Look At Me, But Back The Eff Up” Device

Never fear, dear mother and grandmother!  I have formed my latest running gizmo - which I call the “Look At Me, But Back The Eff Up!”  Because not only does my gizmo have a mini flash light (my boss gave me for Christmas), but it also has a pepper spray encased by a fashionable pink holder ($5 at Academy sports store). 

LOOK AT ME: The flashlight is to notify oncoming traffic that I’m there, running wild and free.  BUT BACK THE EFF UP: And the pepper spray says if you get too close, I will spray your eyes and mouth with more pepper than Snooki sprays her poof with hairspray. 

Any nighttime run that doesn’t make me use my pepper spray is a good run in my books.  But don’t test me!


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