I ran 3 miles this morning on an empty stomach.  My alarm went off at 6:15, playing “Lights” by Ellie Goulding.  I threw the covers over my head.

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You wouldn’t want to walk

past this one in a dark alley:

Guns unloaded fully loaded. :-D


Reality Health Check: 

It’s not just a superficial thing.  Extra fat is bad for your organs as it “smothers” them and causes inflammation.  Extra body fat also increases wear and tear on our joints and can increase chances of gallstones, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Fact: for every 10 pounds that you lose, you take 40 pounds of pressure off of your knees.  Enough said.  I’m on a mission to save my knees! :)


I’m sitting here procrastinating this workout….

Like it’ll really go away if I just google “lentil soup recipes” or “hair cuts for round faces.” What the?!?!

Why can’t I just get up and go for my workout that I KNOW WILL RELIEVE STRESS AND BLOATING?

Because in the time it took me to commute back home from school and sit my butt on the sofa, I forgot how badly I wanted my fitness goals.

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A lot of people wouldn’t get this

but I totally do.


Kale is by far my favorite leafy green! 

The taste, texture, and filling factor just blow me away.  Not to mention it’s cheap!  One bunch of kale is $0.92 at my local grocery and it lasts me 2 days (I eat a lot of kale… it may last you a bit longer).

What’s your favorite vegetable? Or do you hate them?  If so, can I cook for you?? :)


I knew exactly what I was doing when…

I ran 7 miles this morning.  I ran in a pair of Brooks that I’ve had since March.  I’ve gotten shin splints, sore Achilles, and knee aches from running in these shoes the last 2 weeks.  I actually went to my local shoe store (Shoe Daze) and they didn’t have my Brooks in stock.  Rather than tell me that, they tried to push some fugly trail shoes and an old model of Brooks on me.  Pffft!  I was not having that.  Plus, they were advertising a “Shoe Sale,” but they marked up their prices along with this sale.  So really, you end up paying the same price you would if you bought them online.  Anywho, my awful shoes left the bottom of my right foot swollen, tender, and I can barely walk.  It’s time for some new kicks, y’all.

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