Three years ago, my family and I went to the Houston Rodeo to see Taylor Swift.  I was 20 years old.  My little sister was 5, and my nephew was 4. Wow!  So young.

I had just begun running in January 2009, and the rodeo was in March of that year.

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Get it done!


I feel like I just made my Winter 2012 Playlist!  But spring is upon us. And I know people are itching for songs that will kick their butt in to high gear as they prepare for spring and summer.  Without further a’do, here are the songs that I’ve tried and tested and approved for PURE motivation.  Enjoy, friends.

Bedroom Hymns by Florence + The Machine (their whole CD “Ceremonials” is a masterpiece and every song is great for your workout)

Somebody That I Used To Know by Goyte (brilliant break-up song. and the video is pretty amazing.)

Turn Up The Music by Chris Brown

Good Girl by Carrie Underwood

Drive By by Train

Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce

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Last night,

I was doing a full body check of moles and abnormalities.  I noticed that I’m developing some cellulite (TMI?) but only when I flex my butt.  Ha ha!  This is so embarrassing. Why am I sharing this?

I’ve grown up seeing things in the media that make cellulite sound SO bad.  It can make women feel so insecure about themselves, to the point where they spend thousands of dollars to get rid of the cellulite.  Pfft!  Women of all shapes and all sizes have cellulite!  When you understand it scientifically, it’s really not so horrific.  I hope this visual below helps:

Do you have cellulite too?  It’s okay.  It’s a beautiful thing to be a woman!


I’ve bit the dirty bullet and switched from the Blackberry to the iPhone! I have no clue what I’m doing with this thing. So here are a few pictures. I worked out with my little sister today because tomorrow I’m chaperoning her school field trip! Fun!!!



It was THE cutest thing ever to see her doing squats and lunges with me :)

How was your day today? Do you have an iPhone? Any tips?


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