I don’t know about y’all, but I love to run where there are animals, and farms, and fields of green.

It brings me peace and solitude when I’ve had a bad day!  Really brightens up a rainy day!

Today was kind of that way.  I don’t know how I made it 20 years without running.  Thank God for it :)

What kind of signature landscape have you run through this week?  Hope you find your happiness this Saturday! 


Have a great weekend, y’all!


(See my main post/summary of my experience at the Trials here.)

I often take so many photos…

and never post them.  They just stay on my memory disk, lonely and tossed aside.  But these outtakes and misfits are juicier than your usual outtakes.  Maybe someone will see themselves, their loved ones, or their favorite athlete in these photos.  Also, I posted videos from the finish line of the winners.  See Meb’s amazing win and hear my annoying screaming voice.  I mean, am I at a 1990’s Backstreet Boys concert or what?  Enjoy!

The closest I will ever get to the Olympics.


I love all of the differences in running forms here.

(Keep Reading & See More Photos)

We here at Marathon Sweetheart (aka, just me) don’t discriminate against male fitness.  In fact, we totally dig it!


I love the colorfulness and organization of this!  I need to buy one of those bins in the top right corner to store my greens.  Great idea!


A great form of exercise which works the whole body!




I would LOVE to run on the beach.  I live in Texas, off of the coast, so this is not practical for me.

I love learning about where you all live and run.  Do you live near a beach or run on the beach frequently?  If so, I’m jealous!


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