If you haven’t checked out BodyRock.TV, they have the best 12-15 minute workouts that will get your heart rate up!  You will be sweating and begging for mercy.  Zuzana was the trainer for so long, and now they have a new lady.  I like her too, but I miss Zuzana.



This Texas weather is driving me nuts.  It’s super cold in the morning – like 40 degrees. Then, by mid afternoon it’s bloody 75 degrees.  Dang it!

I started out by wanting to run earlier today, wearing my Nike tank.

Muscles rule.

Then, procrastination life happened and I didn’t get to run until frickin’ 7PM.

This was my first time running back-to-back days in soooooo many months.  It started off slow.  I even saw some 10min/mile paces in the beginning.  I got kinda mad.  “Really, Brittny.  Is this what you’ve come to.  Pick up the damn pace!”  So, I kinda did.

My goal was to run as long as I did yesterday, and beat my time of 28:31.  Yay, I did it!!

 Check out my sprint at the end. 5:53 min/mile!!

What was your workout like today? Fill me in!!


I love Carrie Underwood.  Her music, her down to earth personality, and the fact that she is a vegan.  Not to mention, she’s A RUNNER!  She’s my ultimate celebrity friend in my head.

I’ve talked about Carrie Underwood’s leg workouts before.  She’s not one of those celebs who special train for an event.  She’s made a lifestyle out of it.  She eats clean, trains mean, and is lean.  Her trainer revealed her fitness secrets, which are quite simple…

When she’s touring, she gets stuff at the local fresh store rather than eat stuff off the bus.  She tones with balance boards and resistance bands, and at least three times a week, she hits the gym for circuit training with weights ranging from 5 to 30 pounds. That, along with outdoor runs to vary the workouts keeps her pretty much in tip-top shape.

Her new album comes out on May 1st.  I’ve bought all of her music, so I can’t wait for this one.  Yay!


Because of the Big Time Rush concert, I didn’t get much sleep at all Sunday night/Monday morning.  So, my performance was affected during yesterday’s run.  It’s better to run slow and suck, than to never run at all.

I had a really hard workout when I went BEAST MODE the other day.  I was sore and swollen for 3 days.  It was awful.  This run thankfully helped me recover from that soreness, and today I feel great.  Is that weird?  A few days after a really hard weight lifting session or long run, running helps the body recover?!  Hmmm….

Here are my stats:

It was a negative split run. Mile 1 was 9:45, Mile 2 was 9:23, and Mile 3 was 9:13.  I think I was inspired by all of the weird stares I was getting.  I was beginning to think I pooped my pants or something.

Anyways, I posted my WEEKLY RUNNING TWEETS on my Twitter account.  Wanna get inspired or laugh?  Read them HERE.

Have a great physically active day today, y’all!


Hey y’all. 

I’ve been on this healthy journey for some 4 years now.  In the beginning, I had no clue I’d be this version of fit and healthy – running marathons and such.  I didn’t think it was possible due to my “genetics.”  I thought because everyone else in my family was obese that I was meant to be the same way.  I know it sounds crazy, but that was my state of mind – and I’m sure so many others can relate.

In the beginning (and still today), I focused on health.  I didn’t make a size of jean or a number on the scale a goal.  Because, honestly I had NO CLUE WHAT I WAS DOING.  I just knew something about eating vegetables and fruits and working out was healthy.  So, that’s what I did.

Now, I know more.  MUCH MORE. (Thank you, college. Thank you, Google. Thank you, YouTube.) I’m a vegan.  I drink distilled water, only.  I run and strength train several times a week.  I’ve reached a weight loss plateau in the 135-140lbs range.  I don’t care about the number on the scale.  I want to be ripped and toned, if that means I actually gain weight.  I wanna be able to defend myself, do 50 push-ups, and basically run forever. I realize that you may be on a different path or a different part of your healthy journey.  I’m not encouraging people to get to a dangerously low body fat % because everyone’s body chemistry is different. I’m not encouraging everyone to go vegan, because a vegan diet isn’t for everyone.  I’m just encouraging you to find your own version of health.

And this is mine: 




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