Nike Booty Shorts

I have a confession.

I really suck at resting.  Taco placed me on house arrest, so I’m supposed to refrain from running for 2 weeks.  But, who are we kidding?  A runner at rest will not remain at rest.  Unless someone is holding them down against their will.  I’ve been going to the gym a lot lately because I can get on the treadmill and hike the incline up to 7.0 and walk really fast at 4.5 MPH.  I usually end up running though, which violates my house arrest.

Resting gives me more time to strength train.

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Hey y’all!

How about that World Cup Final game?  I could not get over how fierce these soccer players are!  They go left, right, up and down, while kicking this ball with force.  It’s amazing, so amazing! So sorry for our American women, but Congratulations Japan!

Before the game….

I got sucked in to the Target whirlpool.  For some reason, every time I go to that store, I find 10 things that I didn’t know I needed until I saw it.

This freaky huge knife.

It cuts veggies like no other! $7 at Target stores.

These rock star booty shorts.

They ride up when I run, but they are so comfortable!! $16.99 at Target stores.

After the game….

I went to the trails for the first time in almost a year!  Wow.

Do you have a place that you go to escape from the world and meditate?  

How could I forget that the trails are my place of extreme serenity and peace.

I kept replaying this song while I ran.  It’s called “Everything” by Lifehouse.  (Video below)

Running…. It’s my zen.


A few weeks ago, Runners World magazine tweeted this:

The best way to get fit is to do 1 long run, 1 short run, and 1 speedy run.

It’s been hard to take this advice because of my love for distance running – where the pace is as comfortable as breathing. Tempo and interval runs are mega painful, but they don’t last more than 20 or 30 minutes!  I always have to tell myself, “I can do 20 minutes of anything!” to get through these routines.

Last night, I embarked on a speedy treadmill run.  I haven’t done my laundry in 2 weeks, so I had no running bottoms clean.  It was either cotton shorts or my Nike Booty Shorts.  NEVER RUN IN COTTON SHORTS, unless you want to chafing in places the sun don’t shine.

I haven’t worn the booty shorts recently because:

1. I’m in the gym to run, not show off my marathon sweet-bum.  I usually only wear these shorts outdoors when it’s too hot for regular shorts.

2. I know I’ve gained a few pounds since I last wore the shorts.  How will they look?

I put them on and they didn’t look much different than the last time, except they squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezed on my butt/hips which is where I gain weight.

The Key To Wearing The Shorts Is…

Confidence and purpose.  You have to know that no one is perfect.  We all have areas of our body that we would like to change, so be proud that you can fit into these shorts and convince yourself that you are actually pulling them off!  Also, remind yourself that these do have a purpose (beside stopping traffic).  It’s very hot outside and these shorts keep you SO cool and dry.  You really feel naked, which is such a good thing when it’s 190 degrees outside.

My Interval Routine:

  • I started off by running quarter mile sprints at 8.5-10.0MPH for 10 minutes.  This is about 6:40-6:00/mile pace.  After each quarter mile sprint, I would walk for 1:00-2:00.  You never want to walk too long in between your sprints, so as to keep your heart rate elevated constantly.
  • I was only able to tolerate 4 sprints, then I ran for 10 minutes at 6.8-8.0 MPH or 8:40-7:15/mile pace.

I was going to take a walk around the block to shake off the “I’m having a heart attack” feeling, but I was so HUNGRY.  I just headed home to stretch and eat an egg white omelet. Yum!

What is your weekly running routine? Do you stick to a certain mileage or do you do “types” of runs like Runners World suggests?


My Head Is Full Of This Right Now:

 I have all of these countdowns going on in my head right now…

Speech on Texas A&M’s campus – 9 hours

20 mile run – 3 days

San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Mar – 25 days

Dallas White Rock Marathon – 46 days

I was really inspired by all of the men and women I saw yesterday who were training for marathons on the street of College Station.  How did I know they were marathoners?  Only because of the classic tell tale signs!  Let’s discuss….

  1. Shirt and shorts (or skirts!) that are covered in sweat and have changed to a darker color during the run…
  2. The look of agony on their face, yet they continue to run.
  3. They run on the highways… this means that they are running far!
  4. Bigger calves than biceps!
  5. The dead giveaway: looking at your sports watch over and over again and you carry a Fuel Belt!

Have A Strong Day

Great inspiring Ad… What does training make you feel like?

A fact of life: After the Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says W T F…….  :=)

I need maja motivation. 

I’m embarking on an evening run. I can’t name a muscle in my body that isn’t sore… And it’s not because I forgot all of last semester’s muscle anatomy material!  I need maja motivation… and I’ve found it in this ad.  Ha ha ha at all of the girls kicking the boys butts!

Can you spot the 4 famous faces in this NIKE ad?

Oh You Fancy, Huh?

Not me. I’m not fancy, but this neighborhood I ran in is.  Yesterday, I did the same route that I did last weekend for my long run.  I ran through some of the fanciest neighborhoods in the city, but I did it this time in daylight so I could bring back fotos y recuerdos!

Fancy Cars


with waterfalls…

and private golf courses…

and private lakes…

How did I know they were private property? Well… Thanks for asking!


I maybe trespassed a little to get all these good shots.  Marathon Sweetheart, where running, real estate, and crime takes place all in one cuhrrrrrazy pretty little woman.

The Run.

Well it was slow. 12 miles in 2 hours.  What else can I say?  I strength trained for 45 minutes on Friday and did 45 minutes of cardio.  My legs were tired.  But that’s what happens to you around mile 20 of a marathon.  Your legs get tired!!!  It is a wonderful thing to shock your body every once in a while with 3 days in a row of brutal workouts.  This prepares you for the physical and mental exhuastion of a marathon!  I’ve ran almost 30 miles this week so far and I realllllly want to get a number greater than 30.  Today, I’m planning on  doing a 4-5 miler even though my legs feel like wimpy noodles right now.

It was a clear, sunny day yesterday.  It was Justin Timberlake hot out there!  I always get sunburned on my nose and end up looking like Rudolph the reindeer for a week.  I wore my Nike dri-fit hat (it’s one of the best pieces of workout gear I have), a white tank from Old Navy, a Champion maximum support (for the girls!) sports bra, and Nike Women’s Booty Boy Shorts.

Midway point cooldown… I had to stop a few times during the run to stand in the shade and cool down.  Darn that heat!

I think the heat made me a little loopy because crazy things started happening…

A cartwheel gone SO wrong…

Was I doing the Dougie?

…Or the Superman?

…Or the matrix backbend???

….OR the I-gotta-pee-really-bad dance?

Energy Consumed During the Run:

1/2 of a GU Espresso Love (<— my favorite flava!)

1 packet Jelly Belly Sports Beans Watermelon Flavor

The End

I’m very proud to be done and still kickin at the end of this one! 

Even though some of our runs aren’t our personal bests, we feel most proud after them.  Because when we could have quit and walked, thrown in the towel and walked back to our car, we persist.  Because the feeling of aching feet, throbbing thighs, and a heat headache is so much better than the feeling of quitting.  We know we are many things.  But we are not quitters. – BC



Howdy doody!  This morning I awoke at 5:30 AM (granted, I laid lifelessly in bed for 5 minutes and pondered the purpose of life as a runner) and prepared to run a 10K, or 6.2 miles.  Boy oh boy!  I was really ready to stop at mile 4 and then I saw sooo many of my friends who were going to their 8 AM classes.  They honked, waved, and yelled at me, “FASTER!”  It was enough to make me laugh and sustain me.  If you ever see me running, pleeeease make your presence known.  I love the encouragement and funny shananigans!  It seriously breathes another life in me.

Simple Inspiration

What inspires you to be a better person or runner?  Is it a person, place, state of mind, picture, number, goal, job, God?   I thought I would list a few simple things that inspire me.

– Family –

– Victoria Beckham’s dresses –

(NOT the gawly skinny model!)

– Jessica Biel –

(She has the greatest workout ethic and her physique shows it!  She’s definitely my fitness role model and she wears tank tops and sports bras like a Marathon Sweetheart we all know and love. Ha!  Go Jessica girl!)

– Fun Ads –

It reads:

My Hips Return To Puberty. When I’m in dance class music affects them like hormones, making them crazy and spontaneous and optimistic and prone to drama.  I don’t understand them and sometimes they don’t understand themselves.  When the music stops, they’re still charged.  Don’t touch them.  Sparks will fly.  Just Do It.

You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.  XOXO

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